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Squadron X-Mas Party 08

December 21, 2008

So my squadron had a party downtown last night. Food and drinks all around. Food was free, drinks were not. Highlight of the night was all the drawings for prizes. They had Blue Ray players, TV’s, one of each of the new systems and a million gift certificates. I went for broke on the PS3. It was the third to last raffle. It was worth the wait. Won it and didn’t let it out of my hands until we were at the car ready to leave. It was a good night. Total spent for admission and raffle tickets..$16


It’s that time again…

December 13, 2008

Ever since it’s release (Nov 21, 1998 to be exact) Ocarina of Time has been on my agenda to play at least once every year. This year is a special one. It’s 10th birthday. I can still recall the voice mail on my parents phone saying my game was available to be picked up. While I may have slept on pre-ordering it early enough to get the gold cartridge, I made up for it by purchasing the Versus Books strategy guide, which I still have to this day. I was hoping with this being the 10 year anniversary of the game, Nintendo would do something special for it. Like when Wind Waker came out. Pre-ordering it gave you a copy of the original Ocarina, and the Japanese Master Quest copy for GameCube. Sadly only a article in the new Nintendo Power was made. Something is better then nothing I guess. Time to relive some childhood memories!